Professional Search

Ever more positions require specific experiences, training and special competences. We develop the optimal strategy in order to systematically search for qualified employees and experts to fill these positions.

Together with the client we analyse the expectations associated with the vacancy. From this individual requirements profile we build a suitable structure for the search. Based on exactly defined properties we then scan our own database and search established Business Social Networks such as LinkedIN or XING. Additionally, we place advertisements with target group-specific texts in selected media and on the ausERLESEN website.

Furthermore, the client benefits from our industry-specific contact and information network.

The results of our search and the received applications are checked against the requirements profile and preselected. In the subsequent interviews we assess the professional and personal qualification, measure the motivation of the potential candidate and convincingly communicate the attractiveness of the position.

Finally the customer receives a selection of the most promising candidates. At the customer’s request we will also provide assistance during the interviews between employer and applicant and during the contract negotiations.