Leadership and team development & coaching

Today’s companies operate in an environment in which they face constantly changing challenges. Only constantly evolving leaders and teams are able to respond adequately and identify the right solutions. We help to bring out individual strengths and hidden potentials in people and develop them.

The “Memorandum on Lifelong Learning”, published by the European Commission in 2000 defined lifelong learning as the key strategy to master the challenges of our time. Investments in the development of senior management and employees yield sustainable growth and allow the workforce to respond more quickly to changes in the market, adapt to new situations and cope with newly emerging requirements.

In all areas of employee development, we place our primary focus on resource and force-field analysis. Our starting point is to promote potentials, develop the personality and maximize the effect on others. As part of our leadership development programme, we offer individual coaching sessions for senior management to improve their leadership, conflict management and team management skills. By teaching methods of analytical reflection and introducing the participants to tools that allow them to deal with everyday management challenges, we nurture and develop their strengths.

In our team development programme we promote the interaction between the team members and thus the overall effectiveness. In addition to tools from the systemic coaching sessions, the potential (your genius) and force-field analysis according to the 64keys tool may also be applied. By reference to the exact birth dates, we are able to see the personal force field, recognize talents and potentials, and appreciate the point of view, approach and effect on others. This new perspective lets us look at ourselves, a tandem or entire teams or organizations, which brings added focus to our daily decisions and actions. It helps us to better understand ourselves and our environment, to adopt an appreciative attitude towards ourselves and others, and to improve relationships. It also motivates us to participate actively in the effort to build cooperation, allowing us to discover different ways of dealing with each other in real-life situations.