Executive Search

Filling key positions and leadership roles with the right people – people with a proven track record who can be deployed relatively quickly – is a key factor to ensure a company’s continued long-term success. Our Executive Search helps clients to identify the right personalities for these functions, to recruit and retain them.

This process begins with an analysis of the needs and required competences that potential candidates must satisfy. Together with the client, we develop an individual requirements profile and define the relevant industries.

In the next step we determine potential target companies. In addition to our own industry knowledge, long-standing contact networks and database, we draw on the knowledge of trusted international research experts with many years of experience in the respective sectors in the German-speaking countries and CEE regions.

13 We identify possible candidates at the target companies according to the requirements profile and then approach them discreetly and directly. Guided by intuition and instinct we engage the candidate in a short telephone conversation to identify suitability and create interest in the open position.

The next phase consists of structured interviews with interested candidates in which the identity of the client and, if applicable, the exact basic conditions of the position are disclosed. During these extensive interviews we assess the professional and personal suitability plus the motivational situation of the candidates. Once the client has selected his preferred candidates from the shortlist drawn up in the course of the interviews, we take care of the coordination of the discussions. On request, we will be happy to provide advice and support based on our experience and knowledge of the market. Our relationship of trust with candidates and clients, which is perfectly reflected in the process of respectful and honest consideration of each party’s interests, is the basis for a successful appointment. For us, this goes without saying.