An eye for potentials. An understanding of needs. Expertise in methodology and profile analysis. A talent for people and added value for all.

People skills is a question of attitude

Competence, character, potential – with an appreciative approach we are looking for the ideal choice, generate genuine interest and support sustainable success and growth.


Professional Search

We find experts with specific competences by optimizing the search strategy through an individual requirements analysis. Apart from our contacts in the industry, we also engage in targeted advertising, database and network search.

Executive Search

Adequate experience and the right potential – when it comes to filling key roles, we focus on competence and compatibility. Prompting direct personal dialogue with a systematic approach we reveal what the CV cannot – the personality.

Leadership and team development & coaching

In this era of rapid change we are constantly facing new challenges – challenges that can only be mastered by people with individual roles and strengths. We bring out these potentials and help to develop them.


We support companies and employees during the decisive integration phase. Professional onboarding is the logical next step after recruiting or the preparation for a new role to achieve superior productivity, loyalty and sustainable success.


Please feel free to check out the target positions we are striving to fill. If you are working in one of the described roles and we have not found you yet, we would like to hear from you.